Q: When are we launching?

A: Direct Local Eats will launch in each city upon reaching the minimum number of drivers there (1,000 drivers for each major city, or proportional to the size of the population). We are currently operating in Toronto and Guelph and preparing to expand to all of Canada and USA.

Q: How are we different from the competition?

A: The service is the same, except we made it fair for everyone - vendors, couriers and consumers. Vendors are only charged 5% per transaction (as opposed to 20-35% with the competitors), with no additional or hidden fees. Couriers get 90% of the delivery fee with equity in the co-operative, voting rights and more. Consumers get to save at least 20%, since vendors don’t have to raise their prices to account for the service fees.

Q: Are we new?

A: While our delivery service is new, our company has been around since 2013 and was established as a buying group for small and medium-sized businesses. Our mission is to bring mom and pop businesses and gig workers together under one umbrella, enabling them to leverage the size of our group (26,000+ businesses and 17,000+ drivers) to lower their purchasing costs on products, raw materials and services. For more information about us, please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1cDh-BtEsQ

Driver Questions

Q: How do I become a driver/courier for Direct Local Eats?

A: First step is to join our driver-owned co-op as a member. To start, please visit Local Driver Co-op and watch the about us video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhIWhjiMGxs

Q: Do we provide insurance?
A: Delivery couriers don’t need insurance to deliver food for Direct Local Eats.

Q: Do we provide insulated bags?

A: Insulated bags and other merchandise will be made available to couriers at a low cost.

Vendor Questions

Q: (Vendors) Do we provide a tablet?

A: While Direct Local Eats’ vendor control panel can be accessed through a browser on any Android tablet or a PC/Macbook, we will be offering low-cost Android tablets to vendors who need them.

Q: How do vendors know when orders are received?

A: When logged into the vendor control panel, you will hear an intermittent sound each time an order comes in. You also have the option of receiving an SMS with the order details. Orders can be printed via the control panel as they come in.

Q: How often do we pay?

A: Vendors can submit payment requests at any time. We pay within 3 business days of receiving a payment request for the available balance. Please note that to mitigate any chargebacks from the credit card companies, it will take a week for the balance from an order to clear.

Q: Are we able to print your orders?

A: Yes - you have the option to print your order as soon as it shows up in your control panel.

Q: Will Direct Local Eats sync with our POS system?

A: We currently do not offer integration with any existing POS systems, however we do plan on providing full integration in the near future.

Q: Who can access the account? Do you have tiered access?

A: We currently only offer a single login per account. However, tiered access is included in our development plans for the near future.